Creative Expression

Creative Expression


Grainy, noise filled, pseudo-chrome liquid gradients. We like those. Lots of grain.


Metallic silver shiny textures. We also like those.


Our chrome-style gradient textures are created using the primary color palette. Use them in your layouts to draw attention to a specific area in your design. Box them in with sharp edges or create freeform liquid elements.


They were initially inspired by iridescent Magpie feathers and then blended through multiple gritty sharp filters. Liquid TV static in the palm of your hand.

Black and white versions are also available.

Icons and Design Assets

This section will be filled out more as the brand identity develops.

Brand Emojis

Want to represent SOSC on your favorite social network?

Pop one of the following emojis into your profile bio to help identify other members and spread the good word:

  • ✨ - Sparkles
  • ✨🪶 - Sparkles with Feather (Shiny Objects)*
  • (✨🪶) - Sparkles with Feather (Shiny Objects) [commonly displayed in parentheses]*

Alternatively, some community members prefer to use Unicode instead:

  • ✦ - Unicode Black Four Pointed Star "1F7C6"

*If you can't see the feather emoji on this page don't worry. Most browsers do not natively support it. However, the main places we use this emoji combination (Twitter/Discord) do support it natively. Just check your emoji keyboard and it should be fine. F'ing browsers man.

Example Graphics

How the Shiny Object Social Club brand identity shows up in creative. Please use this section as a mood board to inspire your work. This section is a clustered board that will be continually expanded. Do not expect it to look organised!


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